The International Yoga Spiritual Holiday Camp in Herculane


A unique spiritual event

Pure spirituality, in the midst of nature

The Holiday Spiritual Yoga Camp in May has been taking place in Herculane for more than 25 years. Every spring, yogis from all over the world come here for a consistent portion of spirituality and relaxation, in an area which is famous since the Roman times. The sulfur thermal waters, the fresh air, full of energy, the vivid green that evokes health, revitalization and hope, all of these make Herculane the ideal place to recharge your batteries at all levels of your being - from the vital to the spiritual one. But each Yoga Camp in Herculane is much more than a relaxing holiday - it is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to deepen esoteric knowledge and exceptional yogic techniques, to regenerate, but also to accelerate your growth, together with thousands of other yoga practitioners animated by the same aspirations.

An exceptional subtle spiritual field

The subtle spiritual field of this camp is very strong, and that is why it is easily felt by the vast majority of participants, who are pure and full of aspiration. During this spiritual holiday camp, yogis the practice successfully various branches of the millenary yoga system meet in an effervescent atmosphere. They come here to feel the profoundly beneficial, subtle spiritual energies flowing into waves in this country's ambience, but also for the spiritual program of the camp, that is dense, special and full of various spiritual manifestations meant to gradually reveal "the Godly unity in diversity".

The spiritual yoga camps, both this one in Herculane, and the one in Costinesti in August, have already become a living tradition of Romania, which honors it at a planetary level. The yearly participation in ever-increasing numbers of yogis from different countries of the world proves once more their spiritual value. At present, they are the only yoga spiritual camps attended regularly by thousands of yogis. Keeping the proportions, it can be said that these spiritual camps are similar to the famous spiritual manifestation taking place in India every 12 years, known as Kumbha Mela.

In these spiritual camps yogis from the farthest corners of the world, including India, meet and give their hands, or embrace in a fraternal way. It is obvious that what attracts the vast majority of participants to these yoga camps is their value, already confirmed over the years through the practice of the various traditional yogic techniques, as well as of certain new and fascinating spiritual modalities, some of which are spiritual discoveries offered in this spiritual school that started in Romania in 1990.

For example, we can mention the yang spirals, the yin spirals, the special initiation that allows participants to self-induce profound states of romantic trance, the Art of Blessing, the Occult Art of Embracing, and many other spiritual methods that already give a special value to these holiday spiritual camps. Beyond all this, it is already obvious to all of us that what has made possible this amazing spiritual unity in diversity is another Romanian discovery presented within this spiritual school - the Law of the occult resonance. It is no coincidence that the pioneer of the subtle resonance processes, which were highlighted at some point in psychology, is the brilliant Romanian researcher Ştefan Odobleja. The Law of occult resonance already is, for the aspirants of this spiritual school, an efficient practical tool which allows them to understand and explain a multitude of mysterious phenomena and processes that occur spontaneously when a human being practices Hatha Yoga successfully.


A varied program for everybody

The camp program is intense and varied, adapted both to beginners in yoga practice and to advanced practitioners. For most of the attendants, the day begins with a practical Hatha Yoga session, which can be done right in the middle of nature, in the meadows or on the Coronini Plateau. As happens in the August camp in Costinesti, in Herculane as well two daily meditations take place in unison, one at noon and the other in the evening, which are supported by an extraordinary telepathic field. This allows those who do these meditations to experience more easily and more deeply the model spiritual states that are exemplified, thus being able to evoke them later and to further deepen them. Every day the program includes techniques for yogis of various levels that have been taught during yoga classes throughout the year, as well as meditations in which the special initiations offered in the Costinesti summer camp are deepened.

Also, there are several yang spiral meditations, either with the induction of the state of Spiritual Liberation through Godly Miracle, or meant to deepen the communion with the soul of the Romanian nation or with the souls of the peoples of the foreign participants.

In the evening, camp participants can enjoy inspired artistic performances - theater plays, dance shows, or humorous acts, prepared by theater groups who study and implement revelations about Divine Initiatic Art.

The Charismatic Theophanic Movement

For those aspiring to be part of the Charismatic Theophanic Movement it is important to know that the selection for this esoteric spiritual community takes place only in Costinesti at the end of August, after the meditation on the occasion of the annual Hiatus. In the Herculane spiritual camp, some of the older conferences in this spiritual movement can be re-heard, and at least one new conference is offered. There is also the special meditation with the theme "The Mysterious Reality of Creation and Godly Manifestation seen from the point of view of God the Father."

Participation in the activities of the Charismatic Theophanic Movement is only allowed to those who have been selected beforehand, is completely free of charge and not subject to camp registration.


The Herculane Yoga Holiday Camp has on its list of activities conferences on various spiritual themes of general interest, to which yogis can participate regardless of the year of study. Conferences that were presented in previous years can be re-heard, and new conferences, addressing topic of interest, are available as well.

The two special conferences, the one dedicated exclusively to men and the one dedicated exclusively to women, are also highly anticipated. They include specific subjects presented by different guest speakers, as well as testimonial of exceptional spiritual experiences, free debates on specific themes, or presentations of new techniques. From the richness of information and activities available, each camp participant can choose what attracts them more or what they want to deepen. If you are a beginner in the yoga practice or if for various reasons you have not attended the Herculane camp so far, it is worthwhile to participate with enthusiasm, in order to experience a novel, enchanting and, last but not least, profoundly transforming experience.

See you in Herculane!