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for a unique
spiritual event

For all those who attend it full of enthusiasm, the Yoga Spiritual Holiday Camp in Herculane is, first of all, an extraordinary chance of accelerated spiritual evolution. A sample of true spirituality, that can subsequently be fructified for months in a row.

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Contacting the Great Cosmic Powers using their corresponding yantras

A yantra is a simple geometric diagram, which synthesises, symbolically, the essential characteristics of a certain Great Cosmic Power or divine aspect.

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A few reasons why you should come to this camp

If you have already discovered this camp, we don't need to convince you. If you have not been here yet, you may wonder what's in it for you:

  • You can practice intensely various yoga techniques, to your heart's desire.
  • You accelerate your spiritual growth.
  • You deepen the special initiations received in Costinești.
  • You recharge yourself with energy for one full year.
  • You meet old friends, and get new friends as well.