Please read as well the announcements
in the camp

[April 15th] New audio conference of the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

During Herculane Camp there will be scheduled 17 new audio conferences of Grieg, in addition to the conferences rescheduled from the previous years. The new conferences will cover the following topics :

- Basic elements about the revealed mystery of the creator substantial potential (8 conferences);
- The initiatic adventure and its mysteries (2 new conferences);
- Gupta Maha Siddha Yoga Doctrine (2 conferences);
- Initiatic aspects about Samavarta-Yantra;
- 4 surprise conferences.

The programme for hearing these conferences will be available soon.

[April 4th] Initiations into Beneficial Trance and Polyamory

The initiations into BENEFICIAL TRANCE and POLYAMORY will take place again during the Spiritual Summer Camp Costinesti 2019, between 8-14 August. The access to these conferences is permitted with the camp pass and the special initiation pass.

Since the initiations are conditioned by a selection process, you have the possibility to sign up during Herculane Camp. You can also sign up in Costinesti, for Trance on August 4th (approximately), and for Polyamory on August 12th (approximately).

To sign up for the trance initiation, you need to hand in (in Herculane):
- two photos, camp-type, taken after December 27th, 2018,
- an application (used for the selection process),
- a contribution (that will be refunded if the person is not selected).

For polyamory selection you must have the pass for Herculane 2019 Camp.

[April 1st] New conferences from Grieg

During the international yoga camp Herculane 2019 there will be a new series of conferences of the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, with the subject The Doctrine of Gupta Mahasiddha Yoga.