Contacting the Great Cosmic Powers with the help of yantras


A method of contacting the Great Cosmic Powers with the help of their corresponding yantras

In Sanskrit, the term yantra means “external support” or “secret instrument of telepathic communion and spiritual connection”. A yantra is a simple geometric diagram, which synthesises, symbolically, the essential characteristics of a certain Great Cosmic Power or divine aspect. Each Great Cosmic Power has its own specific yantra. It is used for a spiritual telepathic consonance, in order to fuse with the Consciousness or reality of that sphere of force.

A yantra is an essential symbol with divine characteristics, of the powers or certain fundamental aspects of the sphere of force of the respective Great Cosmic Power. In order to connect as intimately as possible with the Great Cosmic Power, essential geometrical forms were revealed to wise clairvoyants through which these Cosmic Powers could be easily contacted telepathically. In the first stages of practice, it is advisable to read the theoretical information regarding that Cosmic Power before starting to work, by the complete visual focusing and concentration, on the yantra of a Great Cosmic Power. A yantra can also be used as a support in meditation on that Great Cosmic Power, often integrating it through inner visualization (shambavi mudra).
A yantra on which the yoga focuses or meditates allows the materialization of the aspects and corresponding divine powers of that Divine Cosmic Power before the inner spiritual eye. Through constant work with the yantra (focus or meditation on it), we may gradually attain different paranormal powers – siddhis, corresponding to the different divine characteristics of the respective Cosmic Power.
Visual focusing on the yantra develops mental concentration and gradually defeats all the evil derived from negative desires, anger or other defects. A yantra may be used as authentic bringer of good-luck, a “porte-bonheur”, which radiates positive energy to a distance of fifteen metres. Also in certain situations, when it is not within view, we can evoke the yantra mentally (shambavi mudra), visualising it before our inner eye (third eye). The essential information regarding a yantra has to be kept strictly secret, we can share with the uninitiated only the effects we obtain, but keep completely secret the methods we use in order to obtain these effects.

Methods of working with the yantra of a Great Cosmic Power, in order to telepathically contact, through occult resonance, the mysterious sphere of force of the respective cosmic power

1. Mentally evoke the principle ideas that characterise the Great Cosmic Power’s sphere of manifestation.

2. Create an inner state of aspiration, fascination and enthusiasm, preparing us subtly and opening us to the mysterious manifestation of the respective Cosmic Power.

3. Become conscious that the yantra represents a precise geometrical form which facilitates, through occult resonance, access
to the sphere of force of the respective Great Cosmic Power. This transfigures us and creates an affectionate connection with the yantra, which thus is more than just a mere technical support, becoming a living possibility of a subtle, telepathic communication with the chosen Cosmic Power, thus creating a process of subtle charging of the yantra, animating it with enthusiasm and our aspiration.

4. Sit in front of the yantra, at a certain distance so that you can easily see the entire image.

The yantra is placed so that its centre is situated exactly at the level of the subtle force centre, ajna chakra (the mental command centre). Focus your view in the centre of the yantra, seeking to focus mentally only on the yantra. Proportional to your mental and physical focus on the yantra you will enter into occult resonance with the grace of the energies generated by the elemental form (the form of the yantra) with the sphere of force of the respective Great Cosmic Power. We will thus discover in our being the activation and amplification of a state of subtle energy specific to this Great Cosmic Power.

If we are perseverant and amplify the occult resonance with the Great Cosmic Power with the help of their yantra, we will eventually identify with the gigantic sphere of force of that Great Cosmic Power, awakening and amplifying in us their specific aspects.